Study Tips To Boost Memory

We know how much hard it is to memorize everything before an examination and the alarming stress it can ignite so we have 5 tips to help you remember the studies better for an ‘A+’ score. Let’s get started, Read aloud instead of simply reading Did you know? You are 50% more likely to remember…

Importance of sports in education

“All work and no Play make Jack a Dull Boy” Sports education and academic learning complement each other. They resemble the two sides of the same coin. If sports education is carried out accompanied by the academic curriculum, the overall personality of the student is increased to quite an extent. Sports help in shaping the…

The Necessity Of Personality Development

Personality Development is the identity of a person that separates them from each other. These comprise the pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  We all have certain personality traits which are different from the other, these are a mixture of good and bad, these traits define how we respond to situations and people. It is…

Milo National Quiz

The students of classes 3 to 8 had participated in the Milo National Quiz in the month of August   The winners of all the classes were awarded medals and certificates by Ms. Meenakshi Atal, ex vice principal, in a special assembly at the school auditorium recently.  

Educational trip to Science City

The students of classes 1 ,2 and 3 visited Science City on an educational trip recently; the children were escorted with their teachers. The day was filled with laughter and amusement.

Tinker Fest 2018

Ten students from The Heritage School exhibited their projects in the Tinker Fest. The event was held at The New Town School, wherein the school was declared as the first runners-up.

Glimpses of our Sports Achievements

Our school was represented by Prem Madhogoria in the Harihar Banerjee State Rifle Shooting Championship organized by Dharampur Rifle Club, Chindurah who stood first in 10 meter Peep Sight Air Rifle (Para) category. In the Diamond Jubilee Marathon Run of 5 KM organized by CISCE – seven students of The Heritage School participated wherein Neha…